High Wych Community Drive Safe

This was launched in October 2015 following a petition signed by residents in response to concerns about speeding along High Wych Road. 

Drive Safe is a community-based group formed of volunteers whose aim is to ensure the safety of their local area by coming together and being given the means to act against speeding themselves, as well as having support by the police.

Volunteers are given speed display equipment and stand at the roadside monitoring passing vehicles. Speeding motorists are sent an advisory letter via Hertfordshire Police and those who speed frequently could receive a visit from a police officer.

We now have a regular team of 12 volunteers and we carry out one hour sessions in several locations along High Wych Road.

Anyone can drive fast, the problem is stopping.  In a split second you, or someone crossing the road could have their life changed forever.  Is it worth the risk?

There are accidents on our roads every day of the week and some have tragic consequences.  Children killed whilst on pavements because someone has lost control due to speeding.  16 years ago, I lost my mother, killed by a motorist too busy arguing with his girlfriend and driving at speed because he was angry – my mother paid the price for this behaviour.  I do not like the thought of anyone going through the heartache and grief my family suffered.  

High Wych Road is very busy.  In a one hour session we can easily have 250 cars pass through the village.  There is a church, school, village hall, two pubs, allotments entrance, a hospital and a number of junctions and bends along the road.  It has a speed limit of 30 mph for a reason

On one of our sessions an ice cream van was exceeding the speed limit, driving along at 45mph.  Rather ironic bearing in mind the van said “Mind That Child”.

I personally like cars.  My husband and I own a classic sports car.  I enjoy motorsport and have attended the Goodwood Revival on several occasions and thoroughly enjoy watching cars and motorcycles race.  However, as a lead volunteer/co-ordinator of Drive Safe I am horrified people use public roads as a racing track.  Some of you will know we reported a Lamborghini speeding at 83mph through our village.

What is so frustrating for us all is to get Speed Cameras along High Wych Road a certain criteria has to be met and that means “Killed or Serious Injury”.

However, with the data Drive Safe provides and whilst there is a team of volunteers, we will continue to monitor speeds and campaign for better safety measures. 

However, what really needs to happen is for motorists to stop speeding!!

Linda Emanuel


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